Effectively Onboard Major Gift Officers with a 90-Day Plan

Effectively Onboard Major Gift Officers with a 90-Day Plan

June 25, 2018 | 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. EDT

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Set your new major gifts officers up for success with an effective onboarding plan.

This webcast will detail a 30-60-90-day onboarding plan that will help your new major gift officers (MGOs) hit the ground running from day one. While this plan is targeted towards millennial hires with little prior fundraising experience (but many transferable skills), anyone could benefit from this onboarding framework.

Better onboarding starts with considering regular goals and tasks for both the new hire AND the manager.  Join us online to get a roadmap for this kind of onboarding that will increase production, lessen turnover, and advance donor relationships.

Leave with a Template

You will leave with an example of and a template for a 30-60-90-day MGO onboarding plan. This plan differs from other onboarding plans by ensuring that the new hire and the manager work together towards shared success.

The plan includes monthly training outcomes and weekly tasks for both the manager and the new hire to complete. It provides a roadmap for weekly dialogue between the manager and the hire, and effectively onboards donors to the new gift officer.

Who Should Attend

Anyone in charge of onboarding and managing new MGO hires would benefit from this training. Teams would especially benefit from this training by getting on the same page regarding their onboarding plans.


After briefly discussing common onboarding pitfalls and sharing their personal onboarding success story, John Dinkens and Dan Bolsen will walk you through a 30-60-90-day MGO onboarding plan according to key monthly outcomes:

Day 30: New hire should be familiar with the key internal and external stakeholders and fundraising priorities across campus.

Day 60: New hire should be making five significant contacts and five donor visits per week.

Day 90: New hire should be “off and running” with donor visits.

You will leave with an understanding of how you can flex this onboarding plan based on your own and your new hire’s strengths.


Dinkens Headshot (1)

John Dinkens

Chief Development Officer, College of Pharmacy
Purdue University

John has extensive experience as a professional fundraiser. From non-institutional community organizations to frontline development work in multi-billion dollar higher education campaigns, John has consistently led teams to meet and exceed fundraising goals. John’s five-year tenure at the helm has seen the College achieve five of its top seven fundraising years in unit history.

During his career, John has taken great pride in mentoring new hires, with a focus on strategies to retain employees and empower them for success starting day one of their employment. John’s servant leadership approach and his creation of this 30-60-90 day plan encourage collaboration and performance. John is motivated when the University, College and his employees achieve unprecedented fundraising heights under his watch.

Bolsen Headshot (1)

Dan Bolsen

Director, Development, College of Pharmacy
Purdue University

Having worked in higher ed since 2015, Dan joined Purdue's College of Pharmacy as a major gift officer himself and similar to others who have entered the advancement world recently, he is a millennial. By diligently implementing this 30-60-90 day plan set forth by John Dinkens, Dan was able to help debunk the myth “it takes a year to get your feet on the ground.” In the past two years, Dan has far exceeded all of his development metrics. In addition, he is currently involved as a co-solicitor on three different transformational gift proposals. Quick to credit how the first 90 days laid the foundation for his success, Dan firmly believes having an efficient and effective plan for new hires will lead to success for the new hire, success for the organization, and retention of the employee.

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