Engaging International Alumni

It is crucial to connect with alumni living abroad as institutions attract a greater number of international students, host more international visitors and projects, and as careers become more global and business more multi-national. These connections open doors to participation, engagement, giving, and stronger international student recruitment. However, beginning or bolstering an international effort can be a daunting and complex task.

Join us online to learn the fundamentals of international alumni engagement:

  • Supporting an international alumni program
  • Understanding different social and philanthropic cultures
  • Developing alumni events that resonate
  • Cultivating volunteer opportunities
  • Measuring the success of your efforts


This online training is designed for alumni relations professionals looking to begin or grow their international alumni engagement programming.

Note: In this training, we will not cover the nuances of region-specific engagement and giving, but we will offer a framework that can be applied to any region.

New Book From Gretchen Dobson

International Travel Handbook: Engaging Constituents Abroad

International students, parents and alumni represent an abundance of largely untapped resources for many institutions. Connecting with these valuable constituents is vital, but the complications and logistics of traveling abroad can be daunting. This book provides guidance on meaningfully engaging these populations as well as practical travel and logistics tips for optimizing your travel abroad.

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