Engaging Students Through Creativity in Instruction

Engaging Students Through Creativity in Instruction

November 8, 2018 | 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. EST


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Learn how to foster creativity and innovation in your instruction.

As instructors, we owe it to students to make classrooms as engaging as possible. There is a new, and welcome, attention being given to doing more to maintain student interest, to engage students in new and different ways, and to ultimately retain and graduate more students, especially those who are at-risk and may already feel disengaged from the college experience.

Join us for this online training and hear from Joni Dunlap, Faculty Fellow for Teaching, who has seen growing success from encouraging faculty to incorporate elements that diverge from traditional lecturing into their classrooms. During this webcast, you will engage in a variety of activities and discussions to give you ideas for providing multiple avenues for learning with students.


Who Should Attend

This webcast will be helpful for those who train faculty on effective instructional strategies, such as Centers for Teaching and Learning. It will also be helpful for faculty who are looking to add more creative and engaging components to their current instructional practices.


  • Introductory Activity: Connecting with the creative side of your brain
    • This activity will set the stage by helping you to see how creative instruction is tied to a growth mindset.
  • Reflection Activity: How creative teaching is tied to student choice and autonomy
    • This session will help you to think about providing multiple access points for your students’ learning more effectively in your classroom. Different learners find different activities and modes of learning easier than others. By providing more than one way to learn material, you are giving them a better chance of success in your classroom.
  • Connect Activity: Weaving creative learning strategies into traditional instruction
    • This session will help you evaluate your current teaching methods and consider ways to incorporate more choice and creativity in your classroom. We will explore ways we can be more creative:
      • First day/week of class, setting the stage
      • During lectures (e.g., tag team lecturing)
      • During discussions (e.g., protocols for divergent student voices)
      • Throughout course (e.g., photo challenges, song challenges, and readings/viewings)
      • During formative and summative assessments (e.g., co-constructing exams, stories/digital stories (Adobe Spark), podcasts, and photojournalism)
      • Providing Feedback


Joni Dunlap

Joni Dunlap

Faculty Fellow for Teaching & Associate Professor
CU Denver

Joni is an associate professor of learning design and technology in the School of Education and Human Development and is the Senior Faculty Fellow with the Center for Faculty Development at the University of Colorado Denver. Her teaching and research interests focus on the use of sociocultural approaches to enhance students’ learning and experience in postsecondary settings.

Questions About the Event?

Elizabeth Ross Hubbell
Senior Program Manager, Academic Impressions

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