Academic Leadership Development Workshop

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for all materials you’ll need related to your on-campus workshop with Academic Impressions. Prior to September 7, 2023, you’ll need to complete two assessments that we’ll be discussing during the workshop. They include the following: Click on the respective buttons above to take those assessments. Make sure you bring your results […]

Five Paths to Leadership℠ Self-Assessment Facilitation Certification Training

The Five Paths to Leadership℠ Self-Assessment has been used with tens of thousands of faculty and staff in higher education with almost universal praise. The assessment is unique and valuable because it:  For the first time, Academic Impressions is allowing university-based practitioners to become certified in the assessment, and to both support individual leaders as […]


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Transformational Gifts: Attaining the Gift of a Lifetime

Transformational gifts are often the result of decades of strategic stewardship efforts that culminate in a gift that impacts the institution for generations to come. However, understanding what motivates and compels donors to make a transformational gift is a key aspect that is missing at many shops. To advance the vision of your institution, you […]

Essential Leadership Skills for Department Chairs

Leading as an academic department chair is difficult under the best of circumstances. You must balance the competing interests of faculty and administration and stretch limited resources, all while maintaining your own scholarship and teaching loads. Add to this the uncertainty and complexity of leading through an ever-changing higher ed landscape, and it becomes clear […]

Leading Collaboratively: An In-Person Conference for Mid-Level Supervisors

As a mid-level supervisor, you have a unique opportunity to lean into your leadership strengths in order to lead in a more collaborative way to foster innovation and inclusion in your team. Through the Academic Impressions Five Paths to Leadership℠ Self-Assessment, you will discover how you show up as a leader in typical circumstances as […]

Executive-Level Leadership: An Institute for Advanced Women Leaders in Higher Education

While women make up nearly half of the higher education workforce, they continue to be underrepresented—and underpaid—in organizational leadership roles. The goal of this conference is to bring current and aspiring executive leaders in higher education together to co-create knowledge and deepen your leadership skillset. This program is intentionally built upon Academic Impressions’ leadership model, […]

Faculty Affairs Summit: Building Comprehensive Support for Mid-Career Faculty

Based on the findings of Academic Impressions’ 2022 Faculty Retention Survey, faculty at the mid-career stage, within the ages of 35–50, report both the lowest levels of satisfaction and the highest levels of burnout. Faculty at the mid-career stage are the keystones of the institution, yet they often end up stagnating, negatively impacting climate and […]

Strategies for Campaign Planning and Public Launch

Due to popularity, this event has been moved to a larger venue 1 mile away from the original location. The event will now take place at the Denver Marriott Tech Center. Please see the Location header below for more details. The most critical phases of a successful campaign are the preparation leading up to the […]