Five Paths to Leadership℠ Results Debrief Session (February 23, 2024)

This event has ended.

Five Paths to Leadership℠ Results Debrief Session (February 23, 2024)

This event has ended.

Learn more about your self-assessment results, what they mean, and the styles of each path — Critical Thinker, Relator, Visionary, Warrior, and Sage.


Now included in membership! Academic Impressions’ Five Paths to Leadership℠ Assessment has been leveraged in our leadership programs for years. Thousands of leaders in higher ed have benefited from this dynamic model that explores and reveals how one’s leadership styles manifest under normal circumstances—and how they change under stress.

Having a deeper understanding of your own leadership styles in varying situations increases your self-awareness, enhances your emotional quotient, and allows you to more effectively plan, communicate, strategize, and, ultimately, lead.

Join us to learn what your own leadership styles are, how they might change under stress, and how this can apply to your team.

During the workshop, we’ll walk through:

  • What your results mean (you will get this assessment as part of the session!).
  • How your style may or may not change under stress.
  • The practical applications of this assessment when used with your team.

Who should attend?

This session is ideal for any Academic Impressions member who would like to learn more about their own leadership style and how it may change under stress. You are welcome to join as team, too! All members should complete the assessment prior to attending, details on how to take the assessment will be provided after registration.

Participating in this session is a great way to experience this content, and to learn more about how to bring a customized version of this experience to your teams.