Faculty Retention Survey

Faculty Retention Diagnostic Survey

Understand the factors that impact faculty engagement and gain actionable data to aid with faculty retention.

Faculty are the backbone of the higher education system. Yet faculty morale, trust, and job satisfaction are currently at an all-time low, leading to alarming faculty turnover rates. While stemming this tide is critical, institutions aren’t equipped to assess and intervene quickly or effectively, relying on exit surveys that provide too little data too late, or by receiving information that isn’t actionable at the college and departmental level. Understanding your faculty beyond the college level is critical to retaining them, particularly faculty from historically marginalized groups.

The Faculty Retention Survey delves into how your faculty score within the three areas validated by our research that most impact faculty retention:

Sense of Belonging

Faculty Workload

Leadership Support

This survey is designed to give you a pulse check on faculty engagement based on validated factors that impact retention. You will receive actionable results at the college and departmental level on data that you can act on tomorrow.

What You'll Get

You will receive an interactive dashboard that lets you drill into your data in a number of areas:

  • By College
  • By Departments
  • By Demographics (Like Race, Age, Gender, and More)
  • By Tenure Track and Non-tenure Track (Customized to Your Institution's Unique Roles)

Every department will gain access to your Retention Score based on how faculty rank the three areas that impact faculty retention. You'll get this score for college and departmental levels, and you'll be able to see how they rank against each other—as well as how they compare to national averages.

Partner with Academic Impressions

And don’t forget: Academic Impressions is here to help you through each step of the survey process. So you're not alone whether you’re deploying, analyzing, or presenting the results of this survey. Academic Impressions provides turnkey assistance to help you to better understand your faculty and create practical solutions to improve their engagement. For this survey, we can help you to:

  • Work with the stakeholders to tailor the survey to your institution's unique needs.
  • Assist with messaging and rollout.
  • Deploy the survey and collect data.
  • Provide data analysis and opportunity identification.
  • Present and discuss these results with your senior team and help them to brainstorm areas for development.

Do you want to explore how the Faculty Retention Survey can aid your faculty retention efforts? Contact us for more details!