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The Future of Higher Education

Will Higher Education Seize the Future or Fall Victim to It?

Today higher education faces four unforgiving paradoxes:

  1. Amid growing awareness that the traditional business model is broken, most higher-ed leaders are doubling down on that model.
  2. The way we manage our education model is undermining its relevance and value.
  3. We need to change quickly, but our institutions operate at capacity and our governance models are not supportive of rapid innovation.
  4. The value of a degree is increasing, but so is public skepticism of that value.

These paradoxes don’t have easy answers, but they must be addressed. Join us in July for a deep discussion of findings from our recent paper The Future of Higher Education. You will hear perspectives contributed by university presidents and board chairs on the four paradoxes we all face--and on four strategies that can make a difference.


Who Should Attend

This free webcast will offer new ideas and approaches to:

  • Presidents and board members
  • Senior academic and administrative leaders
  • Heads of human resources and organizational development
  • Directors of leadership academies and leadership development programs

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Amit Mrig

President, Academic Impressions

Amit co-founded Academic Impressions in 2002 to provide research, publishing, and training on issues that directly impact the sustainability of higher education. Under his direction, AI has published hundreds of articles and papers, interactive training programs, and topical and timely webcasts, serving over 50,000 academic and administrative leaders across 3,500 colleges and universities.

Amit leads and manages AI’s research, programming, and publications on higher ed leadership development. Many of AI’s research and thought leadership papers have been authored by Amit, including The Future of Higher Education (2018), The Skills Higher Ed Leaders Need to Succeed (2017), Shifting from a Scarcity Mindset to an Opportunity Mindset (2017), and The Other Higher Ed Bubble (2013).

Amit has consulted with dozens of higher ed leaders, cabinet members, and board members—discussing current challenges and practical solutions while helping to identify which issues they can address to best impact change at their institution. He also leads our Presidential Dialogues series, discussing higher ed strategy and leadership with college and university presidents. Amit is a frequent contributor to Forbes, discussing issues in higher education. He also serves as an active board member of The Challenge Foundation, an organization helping low-income students successfully earn a college degree.

Amit frequently speaks at cabinet and board meetings, retreats, workshops, and conferences on trends and innovations in higher ed, leadership development, and capacity building.