Building an In-House Leadership Development Program in Higher Education

Building an In-House Leadership Development Program in Higher Education

Denver, CO

November 18 - 19, 2024

Learn flexible and proven approaches to developing leaders on campus. 


Leadership development has emerged as one of the most important priorities for institutions today. It’s becoming harder and harder to lead through the myriad of challenges facing our institutions and the strain on leaders has arguably never been so great. Worse, the constantly revolving door of key leadership positions has starkly revealed the depth or shallowness of an institution’s leadership bench. In response, most institutions are now investing heavily in building leadership programs, but each of those approaches it differently.

Academic Impressions has helped more institutions to develop in-house leadership programs than any other organization in higher education, and in this unique two-day event, we’ll share what we’ve learned over 15 years of developing leaders and supporting in-house programs. Whether you are simply dipping your toe in the leadership space for the first time, or you’ve run a successful cohort-based program for years, we’ll share a wealth of resources, methods, and approaches that you can implement right away to develop the next generation of leaders at your institution.

Who Should Attend

This event has been designed for those who are responsible for developing, managing, or facilitating leadership programs, created to meet leaders where they are. The roles and responsibilities vary dramatically by institution, where the programs live, as well as by the leadership experience and expertise of the individuals running them. We have run this program since 2014 and regularly attract leaders from HR, the Provost’s Office, Faculty Affairs, the President’s Office, and even from divisions who want to build their own programs (Advancement, IT, individual schools and colleges, etc.) Everyone will be able to take something away from this event.



Welcome & Introductions 

Establishing a Framework

Exploring Multiple Models and Approaches to Leadership

Case Study: Best Practice Program

Building a Future Leadership Model

Developing Self-Awareness 

Reflection and Work on Roadmaps

Wrap-up & Final Q&A 

Networking Reception (included in registration fee) 


Check-in and Reflections from Day 1 

Designing Engaging Learning Experiences

Case Study: Best Practice Program

Reflection & Roadmap Working Time

Best Practice Sharing

Case Study: Best Practice Program

Roundtable Discussions: How to Make this Work for You 

Finalizing Your Plan & Wrap-Up


November 18 - 19, 2024

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