Picture of Alison Galloway

Alison Galloway

Galloway is responsible for managing the daily operations of UC Santa Cruz (UCSC). She works closely with Chancellor George Blumenthal and is the administration’s primary liaison with the Academic Senate.

Galloway joined the UCSC faculty in 1990. She has held several administrative appointments, including most recently that of Vice Provost and Dean of Academic Affairs and University Extension. She served as chair of the Anthropology Department, as well as chair and vice chair of the UCSC Academic Senate. She earned her Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Arizona and her B.A. in anthropology from UC Berkeley.

Galloway is also one of the nation’s leading forensic scientists. She is frequently asked by law enforcement officials to analyze and identify human remains. Because many of the cases she works on are homicides, she has referred to her work as “giving voice to victims.” A frequent expert witness in court cases, she intends to continue her research while serving as CP/EVC.