Picture of Allan R Cohen

Allan R Cohen

Allan R Cohen, DBA from Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration, has been at Babson since 1982. Professor Cohen holds the Edward A. Madden Distinguished Professorship in Global Leadership, and is in residence at the San Francisco campus. He previously completed seven years as vice president of academic affairs and dean of faculty, and recently served two years as the interim dean of the graduate school. He has been awarded the college’s highest honor, The Walte Carpenter Prize for distinguished service.

His career has been devoted to increasing the leadership and management skills of practicing and aspiring managers, and building innovative academic organizations. He has consulted on organizational change and leadership for companies such as GE, IBM and Lafarge.

Dr. Cohen is coauthor of numerous books widely used by managers: best-seller Managing for Excellence, the award-winning Alternative Work Arrangements; Power Up: Transforming Organizations Through Shared Leadership; Influence without Authority; and Influencing Up. He edited The Portable MBA in Management.

His areas of expertise include leadership and influence, changes in organizations, educational methods, management and organizational behavior, cross-functional teams, family business, management development for international work, negotiations, corporate entrepreneurship and strategic change.