Picture of Amjad Ayoubi, Ph.D.

Amjad Ayoubi, Ph.D.

Amjad Ayoubi oversees academic and career advising, success coaching, academic support services such as tutoring and supplemental instruction and academic services for student athletes. Amjad joined Tulane University after Hurricane Katrina; helped rebuild Career Services operations; and later helped reorganize, expand, and enhance academic advising. In 2012 Amjad and his staff initiated a new success coaching department modeled after a life coaching model. Amjad supports a team of dedicated staff who helped increase the retention rate at Tulane from 87% to 92% and the graduation rate from 78% to 83% in the past six years.

Amjad believes that integrating academic and career advising is critical to the overall success of students and the university. He also believes that building an ecosystem that contains integrated academic and career advising will help students connect their education to their future career goals and will help the university deliver services in a more coherent and intentional manner.