Picture of Andy Novobilski

Andy Novobilski

Associate Provost, Research and Engagement, Chief Research Officer, University of North Georgia

As UNG’s first chief research officer, Dr. Novobilski is responsible for the support and growth of scholarly activities at UNG that enable faculty, students, and staff to engage with each other, the broader north Georgia community, and beyond. With 20 years of experience in higher education administration, including service as chief research officer to three institutions, Dr. Novobilski has been able to enable research growth, both award and expenditures, by building an infrastructure that supports success within the resources and opportunities available to a predominantly undergraduate research institution.

Prior to earning his PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from UT Arlington in 2000, Dr. Novobilski worked in industry as a software engineer. Included in his industry experience is starting a software design and development business that included clients such as Lockheed Martin, IBM, GTE, and ATT.

In addition to his administrative responsibilities, Dr. Novobilski maintains an active program in scholarship, recently serving as a Fulbright Specialist in Belize supporting the development of a 2+2 entrepreneurship. An ACE Fellow, Dr. Novobilski continues to engage with current opportunities for growth within higher education and enjoys learning from the hard won experience of others.