Portrait of Ann Marie Ciaraldi

Annie Ciaraldi

Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Compliance and Violence Prevention & Single Point of Contact for Housing and Food Insecure Students, UMass Lowell

Annie Ciaraldi, M.Ed. has been the Associate Dean of Students for Compliance and Violence Prevention at the University of Massachusetts Lowell since 2013 and has been at the University working in Student Affairs since 1990. The responsibilities of this position and her work at UMass Lowell has included working with students in crisis of many different types, including food, housing, and other resource insecurity. Annie created the “Student Resource Security and Success Strategic Infusion Team” and began tackling different resource issues of students, beginning with the expansion and resourcing of a food pantry and meal swipe program. Today, Annie is the University’s single point of contact for food and housing insecure students and works with each student holistically, addressing these issues in addition to mental, physical, and financial health, as well as transitioning from college to post graduation life. She has established effective collaborations within the University and Lowell communities, as well as the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. Annie and her team have been recognized by the Chancellor’s Pillars of Strength Awards for Excellence for their work on addressing food and housing insecurity.