portrait of Brirrany Bouffard

Brittany Bouffard, LCSW, CYT

Consultant and Speaker; Private Practice Owner

Brittany has spent the last decade empowering campus connection in clinical and outreach/prevention efforts at the Counseling Centers of the University of Michigan, The University of Texas at Austin, and most recently as the Outreach & Prevention Coordinator at the University of Colorado Denver’s Student & Community Counseling Center.

Brittany thrives on creating bespoke mental health trainings and unique programming, and recently was awarded a SAMHSA GLS Grant for these outreach endeavors. She presents interactive trainings for faculty & staff on countless mental health topics and presents at national conferences, such as AUCCCO and the like. Following clinical and research consultation in the Middle East and East Africa, Brittany continues to work with Arab and/or Muslim refugees in her Denver private practice, as well as clients with other intersecting marginalized identities, specializing in clinical work with these professionals around enoughness, trauma, relationships, and grief. Nationally, Brittany serves as an expert source for media outlets including the HuffPost and Oprah Magazine. She is the Chair of the NASW-Colorado PPG Committee.