Picture of Carrie Herrig

Carrie Herrig

In the 14 years, Carrie has spent in higher education her roles and responsibilities have always been centered on providing exceptional service. In her role as learning & development coordinator she orchestrates 40-60 training opportunities per quarter for staff at the University of North Dakota (UND). Herrig herself is a Gallup trained Strengths Coach, who believes when teams truly understand their individual strengths and how to leverage the strengths of their colleagues, they can improve performance and service.

Prior to this position, she was the Coordinator of Staff Development at the UND Student Wellness Center where her primary focus was enhancing the culture and implementing a meaningful customer service program. In her seven years at UND, she has worked with a variety of departments to improve their customer experience and/or launch a customer service program.

Herrig began her career in higher education at Concordia College (Moorhead, MN) where she spent seven years, coordinating events and conferences for 10-5000 individuals. She also has two years of direct sales experience from work in the Hospitality Industry & and the local Chamber of Commerce.