Picture of Catie Miller

Catie Miller

Catie oversees the student outreach department and with her staff, advises the three alumni association student organizations, the student alumni association, Georgia Tech Student Foundation, and the Georgia Tech student ambassadors. The essential function of the student outreach department is to guide and work with students, alumni, campus partners, and alumni association colleagues to promote student involvement and lifelong loyalty to Georgia Tech.

Her advisement of the alumni association student organization has resulted in multiple awards and recognitions for the student groups over the last four years. This recognition includes the following National CASE ASAP awards: Outstanding Organization – Student Foundation, Outstanding External Program for Expert Jackets (SAA), Outstanding Internal Program for Dinner Jackets (SAA), and Outstanding Internal Program for Mentor Jackets (SAA). The students and the student organizations have also earned seventeen District CASE ASAP awards over the same time period, and Catie won the distinction of Outstanding Advisor in 2014.

In the past four years, both the alumni association student organizations and the campus relations staff have been honored at the Institute level at the Up with the White and Gold Awards program. Catie has also been asked to write a chapter for an upcoming CASE publication, Student Alumni Programs, Student Foundations, Student Ambassador Programs, Spirit Groups – Choosing the Best Student Advancement Program for Your Institutional Needs.

Catie graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Science, Technology, and Culture and earned her M.Ed from the University of Georgia.