Portrait of Chad Jankowski

Chad Jankowski

Health Promoter, University of Toronto

In his capacity as a health promoter at the University of Toronto, Chad Jankowski has 10 years of experience in developing, delivering, and evaluating health-promoting initiatives that support success. His work has included consulting with campus partners on the development of health-enhancing solutions, co-creating an institution-wide online mental health training resource, and overseeing the creation and development of the health education and promotion programs at the institution’s western campus. In the newly created role of Mental Health Programs Officer for the U of T Faculty of Arts & Science, Chad is pursuing Faculty-wide outreach and engagement initiatives and developing strategic partnerships aimed at enhancing mental wellness for faculty, staff, and students within U of T’s largest Faculty.

Within his previous portfolio at Health & Wellness, Chad served as the Project Lead for the Student Life Resilience Project from 2017 to 2019. The Project facilitated dialogue around post-secondary student resilience, built capacity among faculty, staff, and student leaders to enhance their ability to foster personal and academic resilience, and embedded resilience curricula within new and existing student programming.