Portrait of Chelsey Megli

Chelsey Megli

Senior Director of Strategic Talent Engagement, University of Oregon

With over a decade working in talent management in higher education Chelsey leads recruitment, career planning, professional development and training, and organizational development. She coaches leaders and staff members on best practices in change management, building inclusive and positive organization cultures, sponsoring the next generation of talent, and campus strategy. Her work is shaped by talent-centric trust building, advancing conversations around equity and power, and adapting business principles of productivity and employee engagement to the world of higher education.

Prior to the University of Oregon, Chelsey led the TalentED practice at Bentz Whaley Flessner (BWF), a leading development consulting firm serving colleges, universities, and medical centers. While at BWF, Chelsey worked with clients in the areas of talent management and strategic planning and developed intensive sessions focused on building the capacity, skills, and knowledge of deans, academic officers, boards and advisory committees, as well as frontline fundraisers. Chelsey is a leader in research and discourse on the topic of talent management in development and has been featured in several publications, including CASE Currents and the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy. She is also a featured speaker at national conferences and maintains an industry-leading blog: targetingfundraisingtalent.wordpress.com.