Picture of Claire Robinson

Claire Robinson

In her current role, Claire Robinson oversees several academic support programs including academic coaching, academic recovery initiatives, outreach and early intervention, marketing and communications, cross campus advising, transfer student support, tutoring, and supplemental instruction. As a member of the university’s Planning, Assessment, and Innovation Council, Claire works with various units across the Division of Student Affairs and Academic Support to assist in their strategic planning. Claire trains and coordinates the Student Success Center’s assessment efforts along with the unit’s planning and performance blueprint. Externally, Claire has had an opportunity to serve as the lead quality enhancement plan (QEP) evaluator for three institutions and has co-facilitated several workshops on strategic planning at SACS-COC.

Claire’s research interests surround academic coaching and advising in higher education. Serving as the Director of the Academic Coaching program since 2007, Claire uses the Appreciative Advising framework to train coaches and advisors offering individualized student support on campus. She has consulted at several institutions on academic success coaching, succeeded in getting the academic coaching program CRLA level-three certified, and awarded program winner of a bronze NASPA Excellence Award in academic support. Claire has written several articles on academic coaching and appreciative advising, co-authored the book Appreciative College Instruction: Becoming a Force for Positive Change in Student Success Courses, and recently completed her dissertation on Academic/Success Coaching: A Description of an Emerging Field in Higher Education.