Portrait of Dan Bolsen

Dan Bolsen

Sr. Director of Development, Pharmacy, Purdue Universit

Dan joined Purdue’s College of Pharmacy as a major gift officer in May 2016. Similar to many who have entered the advancement world recently, he is a millennial and this was Dan’s first major gifts job. By diligently implementing this 30-60-90 day plan set forth by John Dinkens, Dan was able to help debunk the myth “it takes a year to get your feet on the ground.” In the past three years, Dan has far exceeded his development metrics, which resulted in Dan being promoted from Director to Senior Director in November 2018. Dan has traveled on more than 700 donor visits, resulting in booked gifts totaling more than $23,000,000. Quick to credit how the first 90 days laid the foundation for his success, Dan firmly believes having an efficient and effective plan for new hires will lead to success for the new hire, success for the organization, and retention of the employee.