Picture of Daniel Marsh

Daniel Marsh

Daniel Marsh’s work in the field of economic and community development has spanned 35 years in the public, private and non-profit sectors and includes all aspects of community development. At the National Development Council (NDC), where he has served since 1986, Marsh is the head of NDC’s East Team, supervising and managing the work of six development professionals and providing services to public and non-profit community partners in the eastern United States and Puerto Rico. This work includes the creation and implementation of housing and community development strategies and economic development systems, real estate negotiations, financial analyses and creative deal structuring, and identification and procurement of financing. Familiarity with public resources and understanding public processes (HUD, SBA, EDA, etc.) is a key part of this practice. Marsh is also the President of the NDC Housing and Economic Development Corporation, NDC’s development and financing arm, and created its nationally recognized program using tax-exempt financing for public facility development.