Picture of David G. Broz

David G. Broz

A Gensler Principal and Registered Architect, David is a Leader of Gensler’s Education Practice Area and leads the Chicago office’s Community Studio. He heads up a team focused on research-based design for educational environments that is redefining the campus in response to today’s digital-native student. Actively leading conversations with administrators, professors and futurists exploring the future of the campus, David and his team have published the results of several studies that show how space can support learning and transform the overall campus experience. David serves on the Academic Advisory Board at the University of Kansas School of Architecture, where he earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree, and he is working with the school to develop new curriculum for the profession’s next generation. He is the Chairman of the Board of the Chicago Loop Alliance (CLA), an organization charged with creating a high-performing urban environment in the Chicago’s Loop, which includes America’s Urban Campus and the 50,000 students that call the district home. He is the Founding Chairperson of the Chicago Placemaking Committee and Founding Member of the Wabash Arts Corridor Advisory Board. David serves with the Chicago Department of Transportation’s Placemaking Advisory Committee, which is looking to redefine the placemaking standards for the city of Chicago.