Picture of David Lindahl

David Lindahl

David is a computer scientist with over 16 years of experience applying a unique ethnography-based methodology for uncovering and addressing the unmet needs of researchers, undergraduates, librarians, and office workers, using in-context observations, interviews, cultural probes, and collaborative design activities. He has held positions at the Xerox PARC Research Center, the University of Rochester Libraries, and the (open-source software producing) eXtensible Catalog Organization. David is a successful grant writer with over $1 million in funding from IMLS and the Mellon Foundation, and an experienced presenter at venues including the Library of Congress, CNI, ALA, LITA, Access, and the National Library of Australia. In 2010, David was recognized as one of a group of librarians shaping the future of libraries and as an innovator who is focused upon serving user needs with a “Movers and Shakers Award” from Library Journal.