Picture of Deborah DeZure, Ph.D.

Deborah DeZure, Ph.D.

As assistant provost, Deborah oversees orientations for faculty and academic leaders, faculty and instructional development, organizational and leadership development, dissemination of scholarship on teaching, learning and leadership, and community building. In addition, under her stewardship, F&OD developed the Online Instructional Resources website, #1 on Google since 2007 http://fod.msu.edu/index.html.

Before joining MSU in 2003, Deborah served as coordinator of faculty programs at the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) at the University of Michigan. Prior to U-M, she was director of the Faculty Center for Instructional Excellence at Eastern Michigan University for a decade where she also served as honors faculty, assistant director of the University Honors Program and education consultant and executive writer for the president. Deborah has edited two books, entitled Learning from Change: Landmarks on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education from Change Magazine 1969-1999 (AAHE/Stylus, 2000) and To Improve the Academy (POD Network, 1997). From 2002-2009, she was contributing editor of Change magazine. She currently serves on the editorial board of Change, and four journals on college teaching and learning.