Portrait of Deidra Aitken

Deidra Aitken

Marketing Coordinator

As the Marketing Coordinator for Academic Impressions, Deidra works with the marketing team to ensure smooth execution of events and the overall marketing strategy. Having worked with small businesses to build branding, marketing, social media, and email marketing strategies, she is thrilled to diving into the world of higher education. Deidra received her Bachelor’s in English and her MBA from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.

When not in the office, Deidra spends a considerable amount of time exploring the world with her partner Greg and their dog Luna. The three can be found hiking, skiing, gardening, camping, and canoeing (not a favourite of Luna’s). Having travelled to many countries, she’s in search of the best local cuisine wherever she goes. Although, in her humble opinion, nothing can beat a really great poutine.