Picture of Diane Smith

Diane Smith

Grays Harbor College (GHC) takes a multifaceted approach to student success. In collaboration with student services and instruction, programs supporting the success of all students include new student orientation, FYE, peer mentoring, online learning workshops, and the early alert program. Diane is responsible for all of those programs in addition to two programs that focus on special populations: GHC’s “Prepared to Succeed” advising program is for students who place into pre-college coursework, and the “Complete and Compete” program is targeted to student-athletes at GHC. Much of this work was started when Diane served as Title III grant director from 2004-09 and has been carried forward to her current position. She is also on the Instructional Management Team, the Student Services Management Team, the advising committee, and the wellness committee. In 2000, Diane received the GHC President’s Award for Excellence as an administrator. She also started the Student Success Conference (SSC) under the Title III grant, and it is now sponsored by the GHC Learning Center.