Picture of Dr. Elizabeth Boretz

Dr. Elizabeth Boretz

Dr. Elizabeth Boretz entered Student Affairs as Founding Director of what came to be the Calvin E. Bright Success Center at the University of California-Merced after an eleven-year career as tenured faculty in the field of Spanish. She discovered the world of learning support early in her faculty career and went on to earn her graduate degree in student affairs ten years after her doctorate. In 2005, Dr. Boretz relinquished tenure and entered the Student Affairs field full-time. Over the years she developed services for returning and transfer students; low-income, first generation underrepresented students; Native American students; and others, having captured more than ten million dollars in grants and gifts on her own. After eleven years as a director, her fund-seeking and management skills helped to win her an appointment as Assistant Vice President for Student Success and Director of Academic Advisement, which led her to California State University, Fullerton in February of 2016. She is a member of the NASPA Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice Editorial Board. She is also one of the 100 mentors selected for NASPA’s 2016-17 Candid Conversations women’s mentoring program.