Portrait of Babbitt Ellen

Ellen M. Babbitt

Ellen M. Babbitt, Partner, Husch Blackwell LLP

Ellen M. Babbitt, an attorney in private practice in Chicago, Illinois, has over thirty-five years of experience as a counselor, litigator, and appellate advocate. Since 1991, she has concentrated on the representation of colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher learning. She regularly assists educational institutions and their administrators in drafting and updating institutional policies, including board bylaws, faculty handbooks, academic integrity policies, faculty codes of conduct, grievance procedures, ADA accommodation processes, and other compliance protocols. Ms. Babbitt also has extensive experience representing institutions in government investigations, lawsuits, and administrative proceedings scrutinizing compliance with statutory, governance, contractual, and accreditation requirements. Her practice encompasses work on behalf of public and private institutions, including graduate and professional schools, universities, colleges, religious schools, and museums. She frequently presents at conferences, seminars, and webinars sponsored by NACUA and other higher education policy associations, addressing significant legal issues affecting higher education.