Picture of Featured Panelist: Ewa Urban

Featured Panelist: Ewa Urban

As a featured panelist, Ewa will provide a department specific example, Career and Student Employment Services, of integrated assessment, planning and resource allocation in Student Affairs at Western Michigan University.

Ewa Urban is an associate director for assessment and technology in Career and Student Employment Services at Western Michigan University, where she leads the department’s assessment planning and reporting activities and manages the strategic planning process for the unit. Ewa’s interests include intercultural communication and international students’ higher education experiences, outcomes, and career transitions. Her research was published in the Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, International and Intercultural Communication Annual, Communication Studies, and the Journal of Student Affairs and Practice. Ewa has a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and an MA in Communication from Western Michigan University as well as an MA and a BA in English and Linguistics from the University of Silesia in Poland.