Picture of Garret Moore

Garret Moore

Garret Moore has worked in campus law enforcement for twenty-six years, both at a large state research institution and at a small private college. Garret has conducted several serious crimes investigations including numerous sexual misconduct investigations. He has also conducted training for other campus law enforcement agencies in the area of sexual harassment.

Committed to providing a victim-centered approach to serious crimes on his campus, Garret was instrumental in creating a civil rights model for investigating sexual misconduct and other violations on his campus. He is a trained Title IX investigator and has developed numerous campus advocates to assist in creating a campus environment that supports sexual assault survivors. He is a founding member of the Community Sexual Misconduct Awareness and Response Team (CSMART) and provides annual training to the campus Sexual Harassment and Rape Education group (SHARE) advocates, who are confidential resources trained to provide support and resources to victims of sexual assault on campus.

Garret is a member of the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) and past president of the Ohio Campus Law Enforcement Association (OCLEA).