Picture of Gillian Wyckoff

Gillian Wyckoff

Director of Learner Support Center, Thomas Edison State College

Gillian Wyckoff has over 7 years of experience working at a four year public institution serving adult students through online and independent study methods. She holds an MS in Curriculum and Instruction, and recently was selected as a summer fellow of Vanderbilt University’s Peabody Institute in Higher Education Management. In her role as the Director of the Learner Support Center, she manages a team of 11 people, who engage with over 112,000 student touches per year.
Gillian Wyckoff has been the Director of Thomas Edison State College’s Learner Support Center since September of 2014. In this capacity, she provides leadership, accountability, and supervision in all aspects of the Center. Thomas Edison State College’s Learner Support Center is the main point of contact for the College’s applicant and enrolled students. Its primary function is to provide proactive, professional, world class service to students and their families while empowering them to use the tools available through the website and student portals. Gillian’s previous role of Associate Director was instrumental in the origination of the center. Gillian conducted and supervised training and development for the team- from within the College as well as from outside sources. Her own professional development recently included attending Vanderbilt University’s Peabody Institute in Higher Education Management, as well as attending the Training.com annual conference. Gillian came to the LSC after spending four years as Associate Director in the Office of Admissions and a year in the Office of Strategic Partnerships. Prior to coming to the College, Gillian worked for an educational publisher for eight years, as well as in operations for an educational and classroom resource provider.