portrait of ginnifer

Ginnifer Cié Gee

Associate Vice Provost for Career-Engaged Learning

Ginnifer Cié Gee is the Associate Vice Provost for Career-Engaged Learning and a clinical faculty member at the University of Texas San Antonio. In addition, she has facilitated a leadership development series for staff and faculty since 2011. Prior to these roles, Cié held positions related to enrollment management and strategic planning, as well as for adjunct faculty in communication. One of her greatest passions is the study, observation, and strategy surrounding the interpersonal workplace dynamics of professionals and leadership development. Her experience teaching and supervising professional and student staff has provided practical knowledge in the areas of communication including nonverbal, perception, leadership, and conflict management. She has presented over 50 sessions on these topics at the institutional, state, regional, and national levels, and has received multiple awards for her presentation skills. Cié holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Communication, and an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership.