Portrait of Gretchen Dobson

Gretchen Dobson

Global Engagement Specialist, Independent Consultant

Gretchen is a global engagement strategist, author, and academic with 27 years’ experience across five continents. She advises CEOs, CHROs, governing boards, and policymakers on best practices in EdTech and other creative strategies and solutions that enable institutions, companies, organizations, and governments to identify, track, and manage relationships with their global stakeholders and brand ambassadors.

Gretchen is the author of Being Global: Making the Case for International Alumni Relations (CASE Books, 2011), the International Travel Handbook (Academic Impressions, 2014), and has edited Staying Global: how international alumni relations advances the agenda (EAIE, 2015). She is currently co-writing NAFSA’s first book on global alumni relations (expected publication in 2021).

Gretchen received her BA and MA from Boston College, and her EdD from the University of Pennsylvania. She is affiliated with the University at Albany’s School of Education as an International Education Leadership Fellow. She is based in New South Wales, Australia.