Portrait of Hawken Bracket

Hawken Brackett

Executive Director of Strategic Engagement, Office of Development, The University of Alabama

Through an eclectic approach to leadership, Hawken prioritizes context, culture, and ethics. He channels the power of authentic relationships to align tools and talent in a manner that transforms goals into realities. He is the co-architect of a strategic approach to fundraising that is based in tried and true fundraising best practices. This holistic approach to fundraising is bolstered by dynamic analytics, intuitive tools, optimized portfolios, streamlined processes, transparent expectations, and robust coaching—all of which have contributed to professional competency building and improved fundraising performance at The University of Alabama. Hawken has provided strategic leadership for annual/regular giving, major giving strategies, parent/family philanthropy, prospect development, and records maintenance. Prior to a career shift to higher education philanthropy, he served in various counseling, student life/services, and instructor roles at Clemson University and The University of Alabama. These prior experiences shaped his understanding of the pivotal role philanthropy plays in forming the ideal conditions that allow students, faculty, and staff to flourish. Hawken earned his PhD from The University of Alabama, his master’s from Clemson University, and his bachelor’s degree from Mississippi State University.