Portrait of Heather Rist

Heather Rist

Counselor, Employee Assistance and Wellness Team, Northern Arizona University

Heather L. Rist is a licensed professional counselor, educator, and consultant in Arizona with a specialty in trauma and trauma-informed care. Heather’s professional career has included community mental health, domestic violence and sexual assault services, private practice, and she is currently the trauma expert on the Employee Assistance and Wellness team for Northern Arizona University. Heather maintains ongoing certification as a Clinical Trauma Professional and is clinically trained in evidence-based trauma treatment. As a consultant, Heather’s mission is to share trauma-informed philosophy and practice in health care and higher education settings, fueled by the understanding that if we can create trauma-informed environments, our systems will become healthier, more effective, and more efficient. Heather lives in Flagstaff, AZ with her family and two dogs.