Picture of Jeanne Narum

Jeanne Narum

Since 2012, as founding principal of the Learning Spaces Collaboratory (LSC), Jeanne Narum’s professional focus is on gathering, distilling, and promoting best practices in visioning, planning, and assessing undergraduate learning spaces. She orchestrates LSC activities, including LSC webinars, web postings, and grant-funded initiatives. Currently, with support from NSF, a working group within the LSC is developing a prototype guide for institutional teams involved in various stages of shaping and reshaping learning spaces.

Her role as learning spaces consultant is to facilitate iterative on-campus conversations among stakeholders that: a) explore at common language for shaping the vision of the project; b) establish project goals that reflect that vision; c) outline strategies to implement toward achieving those goals in the planning process; and d) lead to action by working groups of stakeholders that produce data and information to inform the programming process.

From 1989 – 2010, Jeanne was the founding director of Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL), a position that provided opportunities to work with and learn from leaders from a wide range of STEM disciplines and academic institutions.