portrait of Jeremy

Jeremy Thomas

Senior Director, Cornell University Real Estate Department

Jeremy Thomas, Senior Director of Real Estate for Cornell University, is responsible for managing and directing Cornell University’s Real Estate Department including strategic planning and oversight of acquisition, sale and leasing of all of Cornell’s real property assets. He manages an annual $30 million portfolio of transactions, acquisitions, dispositions, real estate gifts, leases, licenses, easements and construction projects. Recently, Jeremy managed the leasing of 15 acres of university land to a third-party owner and developer for the creation of an 872 bed graduate student residential community, and serves in a leadership role in the development of an additional 2,000 bed residential community on Cornell’s North Campus. Prior to joining Cornell, Thomas served as Director of Real Estate Development for City of Philadelphia’s Deputy Mayor for Economic Development. supporting the approval and financing of key real estate development projects, and strategic approaches to the revitalization of urban corridors and neighborhoods. He currently serves on the board of directors for Tompkins County Area Development and is Vice President of the board of directors for Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services.