Picture of Jerry Houser, Ph.D.

Jerry Houser, Ph.D.

Jerry Houser has been impacting higher education for thirty-five years—mostly at the University of Southern California, Caltech, Azusa Pacific, and Willamette. He has directed career services, but he also did stints in residential life, helped launch the USC volunteer center, and taught as an associate. Jerry has taught master’s courses in leadership studies in Europe, Asia, South Pacific, Caribbean, South America, and Africa. He’s also taught about thirty online courses. He earned a PhD and MA in social sciences as well as an MBA.

Recently, his strategy for organizational change took a surprising turn that generated the nationally recognized Roadmap, Passport to Professionalism, and the new Compass program. He contends that we spend too much time marketing to students who ignore us and not enough time experimenting with strategies to engage faculty and administrators who can actually make students do what we want.