Picture of Jim Scannell

Jim Scannell

Jim’s special area of expertise falls in recruitment – from mentoring admissions leaders to building new demand through data analysis and the development of strategic communications. Jim’s administrative career spanned over 25 years of leadership in admissions, financial aid, and enrollment management at Boston College, Cornell University, and the University of Rochester. In addition, Jim has authored numerous publications on enrollment management including Choosing a College that is Right for You (Peterson’s Guides), The Effect of Financial Aid Policies on Admission and Enrollment (The College Board), Working Together: A Cooperation between Admissions and Financial Aid Offices (The College Board), and Shaping the College Experience Outside the Classroom (University of Rochester Press). Since partnering with Kathy Kurz to start the company in 1996, Jim and Kathy have consulted at over 250 institutions nationwide on over 350 projects.