portrait of Joe Murray

Joe Murray

Assistant Dean, University Advising Services, Florida Atlantic University

Joe has worked to guide students toward academic success for over 24 years. Prior to joining the FAU team, Joe spent 22 years as the Director for Academic Advising and Retention Services at Miami (OH) University’s Hamilton Campus. He worked to develop and refine the Appreciative Advising Inventory and has been part of a national task force aimed at advancing the concept of Appreciative Advising for both professional and faculty advisors. Joe has facilitated multiple training workshops and retreats to teach the Appreciative model from a customer service and employee management perspective.

Joe specializes in supporting and encouraging cultural change within higher education institutions. He is a certified Appreciative Advisor and served on the faculty for the 2011- 2015 Appreciative Advising Institute. Joe works tirelessly to help traditionally underrepresented students in higher education. He was a driving force behind Ohio Reach, a state and national effort to increase access and retention to higher education for Ohio’s Lower Income/Disadvantaged Youth and Foster Care Alumni. He recently resigned from the Ohio Reach governing board to relocate to Florida in order to begin work supporting foster youth in that state. He is now a co-founder for Florida Reach. He has served as the Co-Chair of the First-Generation College Student Interest Group for the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) from 2007 until 2012.