Picture of John Dysart

John Dysart

A graduate of The Catholic University of America, John Dysart has worked in higher education for more than thirty years. He has worked full-time at institutions such as George Washington University, North Carolina Wesleyan College and Berkeley College of Business.

Mr. Dysart has consulted with more than 160 colleges and universities in more than 35 states. Working collaboratively with client institutions, Mr. Dysart has been able to increase new student enrollments by as much as 70% in a single cycle, reduce or stabilize discount rates and improve academic quality. While the majority of his consultations have been related to enrollment management and enrollment growth, he has a special expertise in finance and financial aid issues. He has been able to consistently integrate enrollment management with institutional objectives regarding net revenue, budgeting and strategic planning.

Considered a national expert in enrollment management, John Dysart has conducted seminars and made dozens of presentations for 18 higher education professional organizations and has written articles for several higher education publications.