Picture of Jon A.L. Hysell

Jon A.L. Hysell

Jon, a Hamilton graduate, oversees Hamilton’s $6.4 million Annual Fund and Alumni Relations programs that had 35 percent of all alumni participate in events last year. Prior to his tenure as a development officer at Hamilton, Jon spent 24 years as a business executive for Cargill, Inc. focusing on sales, marketing, and customer solutions. Hamilton directs a multi-tiered set of GOLD group initiatives that provide a comprehensive approach to engagement built around GOLD-centric events and a class-centered, volunteer-driven system of direct outreach. Since the 2002-03 fiscal year, Hamilton’s GOLD group participation rate has averaged 46.1 percent. Hamilton’s overall annual fund has had a participation rate of over 50 percent each of the past 31 years, and his near-term goal is to raise GOLD group participation to similar levels.