portrait of Jon Garon

Jon Garon

Dean, Shepard Broad College of Law Nova Southeastern University

Jon is a nationally recognized authority on technology law and intellectual property, particularly copyright law, entertainment, and information privacy. Prior to joining Nova Southeastern University in 2014, Garon was the inaugural director of the Northern Kentucky University Salmon P. Chase College of Law, Law + Informatics Institute from 2011-2014, and has been in legal education since 1991. He is the author of four books and numerous book chapters and articles, including: Pop Culture Business Handbook for Cons and Festivals (Manegiere Publications 2017); The Independent Filmmaker’s Law & Business Guide to Financing, Shooting, and Distributing Independent and Digital Films (A Cappella Books, 2d Ed. 2009); Own It – The Law & Business Guide to Launching a New Business Through Innovation, Exclusivity and Relevance (Carolina Academic Press 2007); and Entertainment Law & Practice (2d Ed. 2014 Carolina Academic Press).