Picture of Justin P. Goodrich

Justin P. Goodrich

Justin is the chairman of the UFV Alumni Association board of directors, an honorary chairman for the UFV Campaign Cabinet, and is a former elected-member of the UFV Board of Governors. He has served on over two dozen non-profit, academic, municipal, and political boards and committees.

Justin is a senior partner with Giesbrecht, Goodrich & Co.; a consulting firm specializing in advocacy, communications, and public relations. Previously, Justin served as a political and public affairs radio and television host, and as a communications officer at the BC Legislature where he coordinated various media and communications initiatives.

Justin regularly advises representatives from all three levels of government (including mayors, provincial cabinet ministers and federal cabinet ministers), works closely with various non-profit organizations on local initiatives, has been a keynote speaker at events in Canada, the United States, Hong Kong and Singapore, and has guest lectured at several universities.