Picture of Karyn Mallett

Karyn Mallett

Since the creation of the center and of her position three years ago, the main thrust of Karyn’s work has been to administer and research language-supported aspects of campus internationalization at the university. She coordinates and oversees all English language support aspects of the new ACCESS and BRIDGE programs, including ELI-CISA Program staffing, language-related program policies, ACCESS and BRIDGE student language proficiency assessments, and several CISA course development projects. She received her Ph.D. in Second Language Studies from Purdue University in 2009, specializing in second language writing and language policy and planning. Her recent publications include, “Campus Internationalization: A Center-based Model for ESL-ready Programs,” to appear in WAC and Second Language Writers: Research towards Linguistically and Culturally Inclusive Programs and Practices, WAC Clearinghouse, edited by Michelle Cox and Terry Zawacki. As a practicing applied linguist, the opportunity to construct, research, and guide language-supported internationalization at George Mason complements Mallett’s overall professional agenda, which is to raise awareness among students, faculty, and administrators (domestic and international alike) about the complexity and significance of language and language study in U.S. higher education, from both theoretical and applied perspectives.