Portrait of Krista Klein

Krista Klein

Associate Dean, Honors College, Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Krista Klein is a lifelong learner, educator, scholar, and mother dedicated to supporting other women-identified folks who are navigating major transitions in their personal and professional lives. Throughout her nearly 20 years of leadership experience, several anticipated and unanticipated changes led her to study, practice, and collaborate with others on how to put together the pieces of the complex mosaic of life. Krista’s leadership is centered in higher education and includes community engagement, student transitions, training and development, and diversity, equity, and inclusion work. Most recently, she led a team focused on equitable college admissions and enrollment practices. 

Outside of traditional work experience, Krista frequently advocates for the needs of women professionals. She led one of the first professional presentations focused on returning to work after maternity leave within higher education. She recently completed her dissertation centered on undergraduate women’s leadership development during a major life transition.