Picture of Kristin Jones

Kristin Jones

Krissy leads the development and implementation of competency-based and performance-based programs. Over the past several years, she has led multiple programs through the research, design, development and implementation of various institutional programs, along with outside corporation and district partnerships at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Previously, Krissy was a curriculum and instruction coach for a local school district where she worked with teachers to create high quality curriculum and diversified instructional practices to meet the vast array of student learning needs within the district. Jones also has experience instructing students ranging from kindergarten through the master’s level.

Some current publications include: “Formative Classrooms: Shifting the Focus of Assessment in Higher Education”; “Innovative Program Delivery: Performance-based Education”; and “Effective Course Design for Student Success.” Jones also completed a case study on CBE for her Ph.D. from the University of Washington.