Portrait of Mark Schuster

Mark Schuster

Dean for Graduate Student Life, Rutgers University – New Brunswick

Mark was a Vice President of Operations for IBS, a software company, prior to joining Rutgers in 1999 where he was originally the undergraduate Dean of Students for Rutgers – New Brunswick until his current position in 2016, as the Dean for Graduate Student Life. Dean Schuster is affiliate faculty in American Studies, Educational Psychology of the Graduate School of Education, Psychology, and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Rutgers. He has been actively involved connecting all graduate students with the medical school at Rutgers and RWJ, on the board of the “Gender Center of NJ” through an interdisciplinary series on Humanities and Medicine. Dean Schuster has been a keynote speaker on civility, social justice, the impact of travel bans on graduate and international students, and the intersection of transforming bodies and identities, including transgender military service at the national and international level. He has a Bachelors in English and Communications from SUNY Plattsburgh and an MBA from the University of New Hampshire. He received a Master’s in Sport Psychology and Cultural Studies of Sport concurrently with his Ph.D. coursework in Higher Education, both from the University of Iowa. Before coming to Rutgers, Mark worked at the University of New Hampshire, NYU, SUNY Stony Brook, The New School for Social Research and the University of Iowa. Mark helped create the Standing Committee for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Awareness of the American College Personnel Association. He was a consultant for the current NCAA policies for transgender athletes, gave one of the earliest presentations on LGBTQ athletes for the NCAA national conference, and served on the board of the first conference in the US at MIT/Harvard on LGBTQ athletes.