Picture of Melissa Morriss-Olson, Ph.D.

Melissa Morriss-Olson, Ph.D.

Provost Emerita, Founding Director, CHELIP and HELOS, Distinguished Professor, Higher Education Leadership

Throughout her thirty-plus year career, Dr. Morriss-Olson has gained a reputation as a creative academic entrepreneur. While at Bay Path, she has led the re-engineering of the learning community and structure including the development of the Thumbprint—Bay Path’s distinguishing educational aspirations—as well as the Women Empowered as Learners and Leaders (WELL) program. Under her leadership, a new academic structure consisting of schools and colleges has been established and faculty resources have been diversified and strengthened. Dr. Morriss-Olson has led the development and launch of more than twenty new graduate degree programs, resulting in a significant increase in student enrollment.

Dr. Morriss-Olson is a nationally recognized higher education thought leader, speaking and writing often on topics such as higher education innovation, disruption and leadership. Her blog can be found here: The Accidental Provost or you can follow her on Twitter @BayPathProvost