Delta Guelph Ontario

Michelle Filling-Brown

Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, Professor, Cabrini University

Dr. Michelle Filling-Brown currently serves as the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and is a Professor at Cabrini University. Her scholarship focuses on the Living and Learning Communities, best practices in teaching writing, social-justice education, and Body Studies. She has a passion for helping colleagues to build learning communities, strengthen assessment plans, and increase retention through high-impact practices. Through the support of three grants from the Katherine Alexandra Foundation, Michelle is the founding editor of the Body Studies Journal and the founder of the National Undergraduate Body Image Conference. She also serves as the co-director for both the “It’s on Us” and U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Violence Against Women grants at Cabrini, which support education and training to prevent sexual assault and provide trauma-informed services for survivors. Michelle earned a BSEd in English from West Chester University and an MA and Ph.D. in English from the University of Delaware.